Sunday, November 21, 2010

Uplift Atlanta Reception

Uplift Atlanta reception, an informational event to unveil a plan for an organization to help the homeless in Downtown Atlanta. We created all of our centerpieces with items that could be donated to help the cause. The caterer used the colors perfectly and all of the appetizers were delicious; beef empanadas, mac & cheese bites (YUM), chicken satay with peanut sauce, tomato basil & black olive tarts along with numerous dips and meatballs. Love the yellow and blue ribbon - very simple and inexpensive way to tie in some color and bring a little pop to the tables!

We teamed up with Crossroads Community Ministries, Odyssey III, Travelers Aid, Atlanta Union Mission and Salvation Army so that the centerpieces could be used after the event. I was so excited to find out about a new organization First Steps. The mission of First Step Staffing is to provide companies with a socially responsible alternative to typical staffing agencies, while offering meaningful employment opportunities for individuals who are in transition from homelessness. We hired staff from them to help us with the event; they were on time, nice and hard working. Please call them if you need staff in Atlanta - It was nice to be able to tie all of the different elements together and do something for a good cause at the same time.

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