Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Adirondacks in Atlanta

On New Year's Eve, at the Alpharetta Marriott, a wedding ceremony and celebration reception offered the bride and groom's families and friends a chance to share in a most meaningful and beautiful wedding, as well as welcome the New Year, 2012!

The bride's input and involvement in planning the wedding ensured that what was important to her and the groom were details incorporated into the ceremony and celebration. For the ceremony, the bride wore a gorgeous, traditional long white wedding gown. When she and the groom began their first dance of the reception, he began to remove her sash and unzip her dress. Celebrants gasped, thinking that the groom was going to undress his bride on the dance floor. But, the removal of part of the long gown revealed a short, white, gorgeous party dress! What an idea!

Check out the photo of the bride's dress!

Check out her bouquet!

The bride and groom were married under a friend's borrowed chuppah that had a sentimental touch!

Chair covers and ties were provided by Cover Ups.

Check out the photo of the cocktail hour and one appetizer table!

With the couple residing in the Adirondacks of New York and loving the outdoors and nature, the bride brought rocks from Adirondacks and used them as everyone's place cards adding a personalized element to the reception.

Wedding Cairns provided another personalized touch of nature to the celebration.
A framed explanation of the traditions of Cairns garnished a table. As a Cairn is a man-made pile of stones built to commemorate an occasion, and cairns celebrate important events, memorialize lost family members, and indicate significant locations, guests were asked:
"Please take your stone to your table and stack them with others to form your own mini Cairns to mark our special day"

The bride also brought sticks all the way from the Adirondacks so that their mutual love of their New York place of residence would be incorporated into their wedding celebration.

Check out the photo of the head table where the bride, groom and their close friends sat!

The ballroom was decorated for the festivities with a black, silver and white color scheme.
Check out the ceiling with the installed balloon drop stationed to fall over the dance floor exactly at midnight!

These vases held the bridesmaid bouquets adding to the elements making up the centerpieces!

White, sparkling, vanilla cupcakes were exactly what the bride wanted. They were delicious!

Chocolate truffles from the bride's favorite place were flown in for the special occasion!
Check out the display below which is the cupcake wall!

The New Year 2012 came in perfectly for this couple!
They were married surrounded by their loving families and friends at a perfect combination of a wedding and New Year's Eve Party!.
Hats, beads, blowers, tiaras, balloons and champagne welcomed the New Year and added to the wedding festivities.

The flowers, Balloon drop event and centerpieces were provided by Balloonacy.

Desmond Thomas, AAA DJ Services provided the music for the wedding ceremony and reception.

Guests took and received photos as wedding party favors from Red Eye Photo Booth from 8 pm until midnight.

The majority of the photos in the blog were generously offered to be used by www.laurenrosenauphotography.com who photographed the wedding.

On the the morning of the wedding, 12-31-11, the bride and groom went for a run ...

Check out what is written on the back of their shirts!
The back of her shirt said "Runaway Bride" and his said "Cold Feet!"

The following is the wording on their "Wedding Run" invite:

On our wedding morning, we'll probably be stressed,

And there is plenty of time before we need to get dressed.
So we thought we'd don our running shoes and go for a trot,
The peaceful Alpharetta Greenway is the perfect spot!
So bring your running shoes and join in the fun,
Lest the groom gets cold feet, or the bride tries to run!

Jeckil Promotions printed the shirts.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Hanukkah and Bowling!

On a Wednesday morning during Hanukkah, family and friends gathered to celebrate the Bar Mitzvah boy's accomplishments and the joys of life at Congregation B'nai Torah!

The caterer, Avenue K created a fire pit and a latke station for the brunch after the morning services. Guacamole, made to order, was just one of the delicious food offerings.

Hanukkah gelt, freshly made donuts, and dreidels accompanied by directions on how to play, garnished the tables. Balloonacy did the impressive balloon displays. The color scheme of lime green, electric blue and black made the room POP!

The Bar Mitzvah boy and his family and guests were entertained by singers from New York's Shalom Orchestra, and the animated DJ from Hitz Entertainment.

Party favors included photos with a green screen by Peachtree Pictures, Over the Top Creations airbrushing hats, and caricature drawings by the artist, Mark Mandel.
The Bar Mitzvah ceremony and celebrations were immortalized with photography by Kimberly Maz.

With the Bar Mitzvah boy known to be a whiz, rubik cubes held the place cards welcoming guests to the personalized, fun, and celebratory festivities!

On the place card table, a gigantic Bar Mitzvah boy photo book offered guests an opportunity to share their sentiments as they signed in. In addition, a very large candy menorah decorated the back of the table, announcing that a "sweet" time was to be had by all!

Get Up Cup provided the delicious coffee cart offerings! If guests hadn't woken up during the Bar Mitzvah boy's proficient participation in services, the coffee deliciously opened everyone's eyes!

To declare that this Bar Mitzvah festive party was creative, is an understatement!

Check out the above photo! The Bar Mitzvah boy's mom invented table names that were so amusing and comedic. Guests sat at "1st Time In Shul," "Never Met the Bar Mitzvah Boy," "We Like One Spouse Better Than the Other,""Gave a Re-Gift," and "We Are Here For the Food" named tables. Table numbers and their "original" names were placed in fresh donuts on each table.

Transportation shuttles were provided by Metro Tour Shuttle.

Alcoholic offerings for the adult guests came from The Wine Store.

With 250 people gathered at services and the brunch, the Bar Mitzvah boy's family created a more intimate event for the evening's party. About 100 family members and friends from out of town were invited to the Emory Conference Center for more celebrating. With a chance to bowl, a venue with a cool, modern vibe, and yummy food offerings for the partying guests, a memorable Bar Mitzvah celebration was enjoyed by all. A bowling pin was signed by the family for the Bar Mitzvah boy as a tangible reminder of the amazing day's celebrations and his achievements.

Multiple pizza offerings and make-your-own salad satisfied the bowling party participants' appetites!