Friday, October 8, 2010

Best day for Allyson and Chris

Purple flower petals,
Candle lit room,
Swirled white tablecloths,
Monkey cake for the groom,
Flipflops for the girls feet,
A vision of her ideal day,
Funny Rabbi and Chuppah,
and a dad to pay!

We just make it happen....


  1. Can you describe the centerpiece pictured above? What are the white pearly things?

  2. I still can't thank you enough!! Not only did you "just make it happen" you made it happen flawlessly! Can we do it again?!

  3. They are pearl branches from a crafts store that you can bend and shape, we put them in the vase under the glass beads, then the candle and then shaped them. The bride and her very talented mother put them all together.